Ultra-Secure Radar

Ultra-Secure Radar – Web-Analytics

The Ultra-Secure Radar (USR) is a security tool that a webmaster can use to monitor his/her website. Thanks to this application, an individual can see a lot of information about his/her visitors, such as a visitor’s operating system, browser, IP Address, and many other details. Furthermore, if a webmaster installs this computer application, he/she will be able to see what kind of files a visitor is downloading to his/her computer; for instance, if a visitor is downloading an image/file, an administrator is going to notice that a visitor is downloading X or Y image/file thanks to the Ultra-Secure Radar (USR).

*Author: Alvaro J. Gene (Socket_0x03).
*Version: 1.1
*Date: 2015-2016
*Languages: PHP, HTML, and CSS.
*Database: MySQL.
*Contact: Socket_0x03@teraexe.com.

*Major Functions:
(1) 3D-Charts to Display Visits in the last 7 or 28 Days
(2) Real-Time Tracking
(3) IP Statistics
(4) Show the Operating System of a Visitor
(5) Display the Browser of a client
(6) Display Loaded Files/Modules/Images/Videos
(7) HTTP Referrer



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