Ultra-Secure Login Panel

Ultra-Secure Login Panel – Radio-Frequency Identification

The Ultra-Secure Login Panel (USLP) is a sophisticated and complex security tool that a user can use to protect sensitive information/files/applications because this computer software is composed of several functions that automatically deals with many computer attacks. Therefore, if an individual has sensitive information inside of an administrative panel, he/she can use this security tool to avoid a lot of criminals and intruders.

*Authors: Alvaro J. Gene and John M. Zhong.
*Date: August 30, 2015.
*Type: Desktop and Web-Based Application.
*Languages: C#, Java, PHP, JavaScript, HTML, and CSS.
*Database: MySQL.

*Major Functions:
(1) Hardware Validation: Contact-Less Smart Card and MAC Address Validation
(2) Smart Card Readers for Desktop (C#) and Browser (Java)
(3) Username and Password Authentication
(4) IP Address Validation
(5) Three Session IDs (One PHP Session and Two JavaScript Sessions)


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